Are you a professional looking to refer a family?

Women and girls on sofaAt the moment, due to a high demand for our service we are not accepting any referrals that have not been agreed by the Coordinator in advance.  Please contact the relevant coordinator, on the numbers below, to discuss any potential requests.

If you are working with families (where there is a child under 5) and you feel someone would benefit from our service, you can make a referral, with their consent, on their behalf.

Referral Process for Agencies
  1. Phone the relevant Coordinator for any queries-volunteer availablity
  2. Discuss our service with the Family, gain their consent.
  3. Submit referral by Email or  post to us (see below for link)
Our Coordinators Will
  1. Contact you on receipt of the referral
  2. Arrange to visit the family
  3. Update you when a suitable volunteer is matched with the family
  4. Inform you if we cannot support.
  5. Attend meetings as needed
Coordinator Information
  • West Cornwall: Alyson Smith 07812566908
  • Central Cornwall: Helen Vickers 07956119410
  • North Cornwall: Jayne Robinson 07527015936

We do not operate a waiting list: family support is governed by the availability and suitability of volunteers. We will always give you guidance as to the current situation regarding volunteer availability. You can download  a Referral Form (May 17) here. 


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