Glass Fund Project

Everyone should have received their play projects by now and hopefully you are using them with your family.

We have some additional items that you can add to your pack, Paint Sticks and place mats which will be a great activity / keepsake for all ages to try.

If you would like these items please drop us a message, phone the office or speak to your coordinator.

Remember the Play Project is funded by the Glass Fund (  so if you are able to take any pictures of your families interacting with the Play Packs that would be great. 

Please remember to ensure the family has completed a photography permission form. The photographs do not have to be shared with the media but it would be nice to be able to send them to the Glass Fund. 

Handprint-Place-Mats-MH32 Solid-Poster-Paint-Sticks-Gratnell-Tray-EV1132B