Big Lottery Application Update

As you will know we submitted a successful Stage One application to the Big Lottery for funding for the next three years of our project until 2020. We have recently received notification that our Stage Two application was unfortunately unsuccessful.

The Trustees have decided to submit another application to the Big Lottery. If we are successful in Stage 1 we will hear in October and we will keep you informed via this newsletter and emails. Business is as usual so please keep up the good work.


South West Cluster Day

Home-Start Kernow staff and trustees recently attended the south west cluster day where Home-Start schemes from all over the region get together to share good practice. We were able to share some of the examples of great work our volunteers do in Cornwall and we heard some really interesting ideas from other colleagues. 



Thank you for Digging Deep!  

Our Bag2school fundraiser raised £68. Thank you to everyone who donated clothes and other items to our appeal.

Greenmount Carpets held a charity football match recently and raised £453.90 for Home-Start Kernow. We really appreciated their support and would like to thank them for their generosity.

One of our volunteers Philippa, opened her beautiful garden recently and through the generosity of her guests raised a wonderful £400. Thank you very much Philippa for the donation to support our work.

Thanks also go to our Chair of trustees Steve, who found himself with an excess of banana plants recently. He sold them at his garden gate and raised £10 for us. Everyone at Home-Start Kernow understands how planting a seed can lead to good things so if you would still like a banana plant there are still some available at £2 each.

£561.03 in total has been raised through car boots and baby clothes and equipment sales. Sincere thanks to volunteers Michelle G, Marjorie B and Helen F for their hard work and time to achieve this.  

If any volunteers would like to hold a fundraising event, large or small, to support our work do call the office for a chat on 01209 214490.   


Story Sacks 

Our Story Sacks have all gone out to volunteers who wanted one to use with their Home-Start family. We would really like to hear your feedback on what you and your family think of them. Please give the sack back to your coordinator when you have finished using it and of course you are welcome to take a different one for next time. We have one sack in the office available now. A reminder of the titles below:   

You And Me Little Bear-suitable for 12 months upwards and includes nursery rhymes and a song book.

Room On The Broom- suitable for 12 months upwards and includes a story about transport i.e train, walking, tractor.

The Zoosuitable for 12 months upwards and includes a story and props about animals.

Can't You Sleep Little Bear-suitable for 3 and upwards and includes stories about bedtime and playing.

Look Out It's a Wolf -suitable for 12 months upwards and includes stories about healthy eating.

Toy Story-suitable for  2 upwards and includes stories about playing and dinosaurs.


Volunteer Expenses and Diary Sheets

We would like to thank all those volunteers who do send in expenses claim forms regularly and by the due date of the 10th of the following month for which the claim is being made; this is important for our financial procedures and we really do appreciate it. 

As we are coming to the end of the current project we’ve been asked by our bookkeeper to remind volunteers that you ensure that all claims to July 2017 are with us by 10th August.  Going forward please continue to send in expenses claims, and diary sheets, by the 10th of the month as we can no longer guarantee payment for outstanding claims.  

·         Expenses to 31 July 2017 to be received by HSK 10 August 2017

·         Expenses to 31 August 2017 to be received by HSK 10 September 2017

·         Expenses to 30 September 2017 to be received by HSK 10 October 2017

Please do remember to fill in diary sheets for every week including those weeks when you do not make a visit perhaps due to resting over the summer holidays etc. 


August Twins Group - Come Along and Help.  

The next Falmouth Twins Group takes place on Friday August 4th at The Parks Children's Centre, Park Terrace, Falmouth, TR11 2DJ; from 11.0am-1.00pm. . The group is informal and is for parents to chat and children to play in a relaxed atmosphere. We offer support in the same way as at Home visits - helping get in & out of cars;listening, playing with the children etc. Contact Helen if you would like to help. If you know a family that attends please do let them know

Dates of Groups:

• 4th August

• 1st September


Could You Be A Home-Start Kernow Trustee?

If you have been thinking about becoming a trustee now is a good time to find out more. Have a look at our webpage  

Call the office on 01209 214490 and they can send you more information or put you directly in touch with one of our trustees who will be more than happy to have a chat. Although we are looking for some particular skills, a commitment to support families is the most important thing.

Steve Fowler, Chair.


Next Newsletter Date

The next newsletter will be published at the end of October. In the meantime any important updates for volunteers will be given through the office. 



If you're looking for suggestions to help your Home-Start family find things to do over the summer holidays please do remember to check our Facebook page. We try and keep it updated with ideas and of course if you have an idea to share we'd love to hear from you.